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Your child will grow up very fast and you don't want to change beds many times in their baby room. Invest in an evolving bed that will adapt to your toddler's growth. Since you will keep it for several years, we advise you to be careful when choosing it. Choose a functional, robust and of course stylish baby cot! To offer your baby an environmentally friendly baby cot, choose from our selection of eco-beds.

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Choose an evolving baby cot Accompany the child from birth by equipping his nursery with the Alfred & Compagnie quality, environmentally friendly and at unbeatable prices. The evolving baby cot is a bed that adapts to your baby's growth. It is therefore a convertible bed. In childhood, it comes in the form of a simple baby cot with bars or plexiglass walls for greater safety. Once converted, it is transformed into a real kids bed. How to make the evolving baby cot evolve? Until your baby is 2-3 years old, they can remain comfortably protected in their baby cot. Thereafter, simply remove the removable sides and your baby will have a bed adapted to his growth until he is 6-7 years old. In a few seconds a baby room will become a kids room. No new beds to buy, you just need a new mattress and a suitable bed base. A smart and economical choice, the evolving baby cot will be able to follow your toddler until adolescence. Depending on the model chosen, this bed can be developed in two or three stages. First step, the 40x80 cradle offers the baby a real little cocoon to sleep in a safe space. Second step, the junior bed with a first evolution allowing to transform the bed into a 60x120 or 70x140cm model. Third and last step, which leads the baby to their "grown-up" bed, the final transformation into a 90x190. The Alfred et Compagnie evolving baby cot is generally delivered with a conversion kit. Be sure to read the details of the products you are interested in to know their composition. No worries, the evolving baby cot can be transformed in no time at all! Why choose an Alfred & Compagnie evolving baby cot? The first advantage in buying an evolving baby cot is initially financial. Indeed, it is a sustainable investment, quickly made profitable because you won't have to buy a new bed when your baby becomes a little child! Do you have a small area? You will love the Alfred & Company evolving baby cots. Some have complete equipment: drawer, dresser and integrated changing table. Our evolving baby cots have everything you need to store your baby's belongings without losing space. Alfred & Compagnie also offers a range of colours to suit all decorations: white, taupe or natural wood for a bright and warm environment. The evolving baby cot therefore combines design and functionality, comfort and safety. If you have the ecology streak, you will also be seduced by the materials of our solid wood or ecological MDF evolving baby cots and their solvent-free water-based paint. Finally, they will delight your baby with their comfort space and parents with their sober and modern design.

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