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Are you looking for a girl bed for a kids room? We have selected for you a range of solid wood beds, extendable beds, comfortable and design cabin beds that will delight little princesses.

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The girl bed by Alfred & Compagnie Essential and most important element of a bedroom, the girl bed must be comfortable and adapted to your child's age. For this reason, Alfred & Compagnie has developed a wide range of solid wood girl beds made from eco-managed forests that respect the health of your little princesses. For restful nights and to ensure quality sleep, your little girl must sleep in a bed adapted to her size, her age and also her room. The girl bed, as seen by Alfred & Compagnie, is thought out and created to meet these constraints. From a 70x140cm bed to a 90x190/200 bed, our bed range includes more than 200 models that you can complete with a slatted bed base and a quality mattress. When to switch from baby cot to girl bed? Your princess is growing up but you don't know if it's too early to change for a big bed? Rest assured, there is no perfect age for this. The change of bed will depend mainly on your little girl's development. As soon as she gains autonomy, starts climbing the side of her baby cot, wanting to climb up and down alone, it will be time to move on to a bigger bed. To ease the transition, avoid high at first. Choose cabin beds, ideal for creating a small comfortable cocoon, or Montessori beds with a low bed base. Choose the ideal size for a girl bed In addition to shapes, materials and colours, the girl bed is also available in many sizes. To help you make your choice, here are some tips. The 70x140 girl bed is ideal for the transition from the baby cot. As it remains small, it allows the child to keep a restricted and therefore reassuring sleeping surface. It is ideal for creating a cosy little nest. The same applies to 160cm long girl beds. To secure your toddler's bed, feel free to add a removable bed rail to reduce the risk of falling at night. The extendable bed is the most economical solution since it will follow your princess until her adolescence. At its minimum size, it has all the advantages of the 140 cm bed and provides a reassuring space for the child. Later, it expands to accommodate the little girl's growth until it becomes a real 190cm or 200cm bed. Finally, the most standardised dimensions are those of the girl bed 90x190 or 90x200cm. Discover the girl bed range available on Alfred & Compagnie The Extendable Girl Bed to support your daughter's growth. This type of bed grows with your daughter thanks to its easy and quick to install extensions. Switch from a girl bed to a teen bed in minutes. The pull-out bed to benefit from a second bed without losing space. Practical for girls' sleepovers, the pull-out bed allows you to have a second bed without losing space. The mattress can be quickly deployed and stored under the bed. The high bed to increase height and free up space. A practical and playful piece of furniture, this girl bed takes advantage of the height to optimize floor space. An ideal way to create a play, storage or work space under the bed. The Montessori Bed to support your daughter in her personal development. The Cabin Bed to make your daughter's dreams come true! The ecological girl bed If you're concerned about your little girl's health, you've come to the right place. Alfred & Compagnie has developed its entire range of beds around nature with a strict selection of materials used. Solid wood from eco-managed forests, eco-generation MDF and solvent-free water-based paint, everything is done to guarantee your little princess a room that is 100% respectful of her health and the environment.